Ramadan Mubarak!

Support your health this Ramadan with SmarterNaturally SuperSoup

Fasting during Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection and well-being. Let SmarterNaturally SuperSoup be your companion in maintaining your health and supporting balanced blood sugar levels throughout this holy month.

Our SuperSoup, infused with dietary fibre and bioactive botanicals, is your perfect ally in the journey towards a healthier you. Enjoy a bowl a week during Ramadan and feel the difference.

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Designed for you

SmarterNaturally SuperSoup isn’t just food; it’s a blend of science and nature designed to support those managing health issues, helping you embrace life fully.

With a base of bioactive botanicals and the revolutionary GRextra super-broccoli, our soup is a testament to taste, and health combined.

It’s vegan, gluten-free, and devoid of processed ingredients, making it a wholesome choice for everyone.

Vegan &
gluten free

Low carb &
low sugar

Low fat &
low salt

High in

Source of

No processed

Made with GRextra

Our patented super-broccoli

The key ingredient in our SuperSoup? Meet GRexra – our new ultra-healthy strain of broccoli.

It looks and tastes like a traditional supermarket broccoli – but delivers 5x the amount of key health-boosting bioactive botanicals!

Discover the power of our patented super-broccoli and why it’s changing the game for blood sugar and diabetes.

Loved by our 'SouperFans'

A very pleasant way to stay healthy
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I enjoyed my first bowl of soup - I can definitely do this once a week. I really hope this is as beneficial as it sounds as it's a very pleasant way to stay healthy!
Really lovely
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I thought the soup was really lovely. It tasted fibrous and fresh and a bit like spirulina. I particularly like how much protein is in the soup, being vegan that's always something I prioritise in my meals.
Looks like freshly made soup
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It is very easy to make and tastes very nice too. I can taste the broccoli, and it has a lovely colour, appearance and smell. It looks like a freshly made soup rather than out of a packet.
Quick & easy
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It’s quick and easy, that’s what I liked about it. I can have it for lunch, straight into a mug and you’re done in a few minutes. The taste was also better than I had expected - I did add some black pepper.
Happy with it
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In terms of a ‘cup a soup’, I think it’s one of the better ones I’ve had, and as it’s only once a week and with all of the health benefits that come with it, I‘m pretty happy with it.
Things seem to getting better!
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After nearly six months of this soup, I have more energy (not athletic running marathons, energy, but getting about energy), my mind and clarity of head has improved and I feel brighter (not Mensa brilliant but clearer on everyday issues).
Tastier than I expected
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I eat broccoli every day but I find it very bland, but I actually thought the soup was much more pleasant. I thought maybe I’d be forcing it down as it was seen to be good, but I actually really enjoyed it and being a dried soup its very convenient.
A very happy repeat customer
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I really do like it! It’s an easy, quick, filling and clearly very nourishing lunch, which is good for me too. I like broccoli anyway, so I enjoy the texture and taste. Easy to order, friendly people… I’m a very happy repeat customer, and I highly recommend SmarterNaturally.

Be ready for Ramadan

Order now to ensure delivery in time for Ramadan. Let SmarterNaturally SuperSoup be a part of your Ramadan routine, supporting your fasting journey with health and taste.

Don’t forget to use code Ramadan10 for £10 off!

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