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We're Helping #RewriteTheStory of Type 2 Diabetes

This World Diabetes Day, we’re standing up for diabetic health by supporting Diabetes UK’s #RewriteTheStory campaign.

That means we’re using the next two weeks (14-27th November) to encourage our community to learn about and engage with the risks of diabetes and what can be done to prevent it – as well as donating £1 to Diabetes UK for every customer who starts a new trial of SmarterNaturally soup (via Work For Good).

Why Diabetes UK?

Diabetes affects millions of people across the UK, with tens of millions more at risk of going on to develop diabetes in the future. Diabetes carries serious health implications, since it can cause damage to people’s eyes, heart health, and more. 

Diabetes UK has a simple ambition – to create a world where diabetes can do no harm. 

Here at SmarterNaturally, we share that ambition – and we think we can help. In the ESCAPE clinical trial (2019), our lead scientist Professor Richard Mithen found evidence that eating a broccoli soup with extra glucoraphanin (such as SmarterNaturally Soup) could help to reduce elevated blood sugar levels.*

How SmarterNaturally Could Help Protect People from Diabetes

Dr Mithen’s ESCAPE trial found that people regularly eating a broccoli soup with extra glucoraphanin (compared with just eating a standard broccoli soup) showed:

The study was mainly looking at the effect of eating a glucoraphanin-rich soup on prostate cancer, but the researchers saw some interesting reductions in the blood sugar levels of participants throughout the trial.

Their observations are supported by a wider body of research into the effect of glucoraphanin on blood sugar levels, including another major study which found that a glucoraphanin-rich broccoli extract could reduce blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes over the long term.

Case Studies From Happy Customers

Strong scientific evidence is really important, but we’re also interested in hearing stories from our customers about how our soup works and can help people out there in the real world. That’s why we’ve collected case studies from real SmarterNaturally customers who’ve seen a positive impact on their diabetic health after 4-6 months of eating our soup once a week.

So why not check out our case studies from John (who saw his fasting blood glucose stabilise and drop significantly once he started eating his weekly soup!) and Anthony (who credits SmarterNaturally Soup with helping him bring his HbA1c back down to normal levels!)

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