Citizen Science

Clinical trials are important, but so is testing things in the real world.
Our citizen science programme explores our impact on real customers.

How it works: the results and comments below are from real customers who shared their health data with us after having been subscribed with us for 5 months or more.

Study 1: Anthony

Anthony was diagnosed as prediabetic just after he retired. He took several steps to reduce his blood sugar, including losing weight, eating more healthily, and adding a weekly bowl of SmarterNaturally SuperSoup to his diet. 

5 months later, a blood test showed his HbA1C had fallen by 3 points, putting his blood sugars back inside the healthy range:

  • Baseline: 42 mmol/mol (pre-diabetic)
  • 5 months later: 39 mmol/mol (healthy)

“I'm delighted to have gained control of my blood sugar levels, and I believe it was a combination of everything I was doing that helped. I’ve eaten the soup religiously every week for months now, and to me it’s a no brainer to keep going. It’s nice to eat, it’s only once a week, and it’s easy to make - I would definitely recommend it!"

Study 2: John

John was diagnosed as pre-diabetic despite staying in good shape and following a strict diabetic-friendly diet. He began to eat a bowl of SmarterNaturally SuperSoup once a week to support his other efforts to bring his blood sugar levels down.

6 months later, John’s fasting blood sugar levels had fallen significantly in his weekly morning tests:

  • Baseline: 6.8 mmol/l
  • 6 months later: 6.2 mmol/l

I’ve seen a real improvement in my diabetic health recently, and I believe this soup has played a role in helping me make progress. I've felt the effects too - I've lost a little bit of weight, and feel a bit more energetic. It's given me a little extra spring in my step!"

Study 3: Caroline

Caroline was shocked when she discovered she was prediabetic. She wanted to avoid taking medication, so she agreed with her GP to make changes to her lifestyle – including adding a weekly bowl of our SuperSoup to her diet.

At her next blood test 6 months later, both Caroline and her GP were surprised to see her blood sugar levels had fallen:

  • Baseline: 43 mmol/mol (pre-diabetic)
  • 6 months later: 40 mmol/mol (healthy)

“I feel really delighted to have got my blood sugar back under control. It’s been creeping up over the years and now the trend is completely reversed. I’m hoping I’ll see another drop in my blood sugar levels at my next test in 6 months time."

Study 4: Gilbert

Gilbert’s blood sugar levels were creeping up, so alongside was eating well and exercising lots, he decided to add a weekly bowl of our SuperSoup to his diet to give his efforts a boost. 

At his next blood test 6 months later, Gilbert’s blood sugar levels had fallen and were back inside the healthy range: 

  • Baseline: 44 mmol/mol (pre-diabetic)
  • 6 months later: 42 mmol/mol (healthy)

I can’t specifically attribute the drop in my blood sugars to this soup, but I do think it's helped. It makes perfect sense for me to eat it as well as doing the right things in terms of my wider diet and getting more exercise. I definitely think it’s doing me some good – In fact, I can’t believe it’s not doing me any good!"

Study 5: Paul

Paul had been struggling with high blood sugar for years, and was suffering from bad side effects from the anti-diabetic drugs he was prescribed to help lower it. He decided to try eating our SuperSoup, figuring it couldn’t do him any harm.

At his next blood test three months later, he was surprised to see his blood sugar level had fallen for the first time in years – and then saw a further drop after another three months:

  • Baseline: 54 mmol/mol (diabetic)
  • 6 months later: 51 mmol/mol (controlled)

"Thanks to a combination of the medication I’m on, getting plenty of exercise, and this SuperSoup, my blood sugar is now considered 'well-controlled'. It feels like a huge achievement after so many years!"

Study 6: Robert

Robert has been fighting against high blood sugar for years. He normally finds losing weight works for him, so this time he tried supporting his efforts with our SuperSoup.

Within just a few months, Robert went for another blood test which revealed that his blood sugar levels had fallen:

  • Baseline: 52 mmol/mol (diabetic)
  • 5 months later: 41 mmol/mol (healthy)

"Obviously I made big changes to my diet and lost a lot of weight, so it is difficult to say what contribution this special soup made. But it all felt a little easier this time around than it normally does, and it definitely fills me up and makes it easier not to snack throughout the day!"

Our citizen science programme is ongoing.
We're adding new cases regularly, so please keep checking back for updates.

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