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Tips, Tricks & Recipes

Making our soup is as simple as adding 250-300ml of water and stirring well – but there are all kinds of ways you can tweak the taste and texture without affecting its health benefits.

Too Thick for you?

We suggest adding 250-300ml of boiling water per bowl of our soup - but you can tailor this to your own personal taste. If you're finding our soup too thick, just try adding a little more water until it's how you like it!

Don't like the texture?

Our soup is made with real broccoli - but not everyone likes soup with bits in it. If you're looking for a different texture, try adding some yogurt or cream to create a smoother mouthfeel, or some chopped vegetables to make it chunky!

Finding that our soup’s flavour isn’t for you, or just looking to give your weekly bowl a new and interesting flavour? Check out our simple flavour suggestions below – just be sure to bear your own dietary requirements and health goals in mind when adding any additional ingredients.

It’s important that you DO NOT re-heat or cook with our soup.

Any heating beyond mixing with boiling water may lead to the loss of the beneficial impacts of our soup.

Season to taste

We keep our soup low in salt - but feel free to add some yourself, along with a generous grind of black pepper!

Turn up the heat

Some fresh chopped chilli - or a dash of your favourite hot sauce - adds some fire to your bowl.

try fresh herbs

We love adding freshly chopped basil & parsley - or stirring in a teaspoon or two of green pesto!

raid the spice rack

We're fans of a sprinkle of smoked paprika, cumin or curry powder, or a little garam masala.

Add vegetables

Try freshly chopped or sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, or some braised mushrooms!

Try nuts & seeds

Sprinkle on toasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or pine nuts to add a delicious crunch.

Stir in Sauces

Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce & lemon juice work well, or just swap in your favourite table sauce!

Be A Bit Naughty

Grated cheese, crème fraîche and cream cheese all create a creamier and more indulgent soup.

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