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We develop science-backed foods with clear health benefits.

From farm to pharmacy

Developing science-backed foods with clear health benefits

Here at SmarterNaturally, we believe that plants hold the secrets to unlocking human health. 

That’s why we search for the most promising health-boosting bioactive molecules that plants have to offer, and then focus on finding ways to incorporate them into convenient and healthy food products.

As a first step, we’ve developed our breakthrough super-broccoli. It’s a uniquely powerful source of the natural health-boosting molecule sulforaphane. 

Our story

So how did we get so obsessed with broccoli?

It all started 40 years ago, on a Sicillian hillside. Since then we’ve developed our unique super-strain of broccoli (GRextra), done a whole load of clinical research, and created tasty food products that integrate conveniently into your life.

Have a read, but be warned – you might find yourself getting just as excited about broccoli as we do…

Meet the team

Our team of scientists have been working on our super-broccoli for more than 40 years now. 

They’re powered by the promise that their work could transform the lives of millions.

It’s already started – but we dream of a world where people can live better for longer, and no-one has to grow old before their time.

Prof. Richard Mithen

Lead Scientist & 
Professor of Human Nutrition

Steve Morrison

Medical Biochemist & 
Head of Regulatory Affairs

Contact us

Got a question, wondering whether you could work with us, or just keen to chat about broccoli?

Whatever your into, we’d love to hear from you. 

Just submit our quick webform and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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