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Whether you’re young, getting older, or suffering from a health condition, maintaining a healthy metabolism plays a key role in all aspects of our health and wellbeing.
We’ve designed our soup to support your health – no matter who you are. So whatever your health goals, our SuperSoup could help you achieve them.

from just £5 a week

A soup a week to stay at your peak

Winner NUTRAIngredients Awards 2023: Healthy Ageing

Now award-winning for supporting healthy ageing!

What makes our SuperSoup so special? It’s naturally rich in glucoraphanin – a powerful molecule that’s been extensively researched for its effects on:

Made with GRextra

Our patented super-broccoli

More than  20 years ago, our lead scientist discovered a new ultra-healthy strain of broccoli growing wild in Sicily. 

Using natural methods, he turned turned it into our patented super-broccoli: GRextra.

It looks and tastes like a traditional supermarket broccoli – but delivers 5x the amount of key healthy molecules!

Naturally rich in


Thanks to it’s effects on our metabolism, scientists have spent decades exploring the potential health benefits of glucoraphanin across a range of health conditions – including type-2 diabetes, heart health, brain health, and even a range of common cancers.
Our SuperSoup is packed full of glucoraphanin – in fact, it’s one of the most powerful glucoraphanin supplement on the market. That’s why we’re so excited about our soup, and its potential to help people live fuller and healthier lives.

Three ways to order

Try our soup and check you like it, then continue on to an ongoing subscription.

4 week pack – £20

Support your health with regular orders, and benefit from our subscriber discount.

12 week pack – £60

Not a fan of subscriptions? Just order what you need when you need it instead.

Choose from 4 or 16 week packs
(from £6/week)

Why subscribe?

Our subscribers mean the world to us, so we offer an exclusive subscribers-only discount on every order. Subscribe with us to ensure you're getting the best possible value for money.

We're not one of those companies. We'll warn you when your subscription is about to renew, and you can amend it whenever you like - even during your trial period.

Our SuperSoup works best when you eat it regularly, so forget forgetting to order more. We'll make sure your next delivery arrives before you run out (that's The SmarterNaturally Promise).

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