SmarterNaturally SuperSoup

with GRextra

Our flagship product, made with our patented GRextra broccoli. Each bowl is brimming with bioactive botanicals to boost your blood sugar control – plus a host of key vitamins, minerals and tons of dietary fibre.

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SmarterNaturally SuperSoup

with GRextra

Helping hundreds to best high blood sugar

"I'm no longer diabetic"
"I'm no longer diabetic"John, SouperFan
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“I’ve seen a real improvement in my diabetic health recently, and I think it’s all because of this soup. I really do think it’s working for me. Honestly, I was surprised - but I think more people should try it. It might work for them too!"
"Absolutely delighted"
"Absolutely delighted"Caroline, SouperFan
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“I feel really delighted to have got my blood sugar back under control. The only change I’ve made is this soup - we’ve not really changed anything else in our lives at all! I feel really positive about my diabetic health now, and I’m convinced that SmarterNaturally’ ‘super-soup’ has been a real benefit to me."
"Healthier than ever"
"Healthier than ever"Anthony, SouperFan
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"After 5 months of eating a bowl of this soup every week, I couldn’t believe it – I was inside the normal range, and no longer pre-diabetic! I’ve seen other benefits too: my muscles feel good and I’ve got a bit more energy, and my cholesterol has gone down."
"Getting better every day"
"Getting better every day"Gilbert, SouperFan
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"I can’t specifically attribute the drop in my blood sugars to this soup alone, but I do think it’s helped – and it makes perfect sense for me to eat it as well as doing the right things in terms of my wider diet and getting more exercise. Together, it's kept me off the diabetes medication so far!”
"I'm finally making progress"
"I'm finally making progress"Paul, SouperFan
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The nurse and I were both expecting my blood sugar level to have gone up – so we were both surprised when it had dropped quite significantly! The only change I'd made to my lifestyle was eating this soup. My diabetes is now ‘well-controlled’ - a huge achievement after struggling for so many years.
"I'm feeling younger!"
"I'm feeling younger!"David, SouperFan
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"I stuck with the soup, as I knew it would take at least six months for any real benefits to show. After a year, my HbA1c has fallen from 55 to 52 mmol/mol (even though I’m still not strictly ‘behaving’ with my diet!) The diabetic nurse was really pleased: she said “whatever you’re doing, carry on doing it!”
"Seriously impressed"
"Seriously impressed"Robert, SouperFan
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"After just two months on the soup I went back for a checkup, and my HbA1c had dropped from 52 to 41 mmol/mol – taking my blood sugar levels out of the diabetic range and all the way back down to a normal healthy level! I definitely lost weight faster this time too - it all just a felt a little bit easier."

Designed for diabetics

Our SuperSoup has been carefully formulated to support your diabetic health and help you live life to the full.

It’s naturally rich in bioactive botanicals – plant-based compounds which have been extensively studied for their effects on high blood sugar levels.

Our SuperSoup is backed by evidence from clinical trials run in collaboration with the NHS – plus it’s a filling, tasty and diabetic-friendly meal! 

Packed with benefits

We know it’s not just about blood sugar levels – it’s about living life to the full. That’s why each bowl of our SuperSoup is full of nutrients that bring additional health benefits:

Keep your engine running smoothly

  • Glucoraphanin turns on antioxidant healing genes in our cells that help to repair our metabolism. To learn more, see our summary of how glucoraphanin works
  • Vitamins C & B6 and Folic acid all contribute to the normal functioning of our metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. 

Keep your heart ticking over

Keep your mind clear and sharp

  • Glucoraphanin has been extensively studied for its effects on brain health and inflammation. To learn more, see our summary of the science of glucoraphanin & brain health (coming soon)
  • Vitamins C & B6 contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system and normal psychological function.
  • Iron contributes to normal cognative function.

Keep yourself moving forwards

  • Glucoraphanin has been extensively studied for its effects on joint health and arthritis. To learn more, see our summary of the science of glucoraphanin & arthritis (coming soon).
  • Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of gums, cartilage and skin.
  • Calcium and phosphorous contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

Maintain your natural defences

  • Glucoraphanin turns on survival genes in our cells that help to improve cellular health and resilience. To learn more, see our summary of how glucoraphanin works
  • Selenium & Vitamin C contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Folic acid, iron & selenium all contribute to normal functioning of the immune system.
  • Glucoraphanin has been extensively studied for its effects on men’s health and the risk and development of prostate cancer. To learn more, see our summary of the science of glucoraphanin & men’s health (coming soon)
  • Glucoraphanin has been extensively studied for its effects on women’s health. To learn more, see our summary of the science of glucoraphanin & women’s health (coming soon)

Made with GRextra

Our patented super-broccoli

The key ingredient in our SuperSoup? Meet GRexra – our new ultra-healthy strain of broccoli.

It looks and tastes like a traditional supermarket broccoli – but delivers 5x the amount of glucoraphanin!

That’s why our super-broccoli is the first source of glucoraphanin to be patented for the prevention and treatment of diabetes  – Patent #11147825

Naturally rich in


So what is glucoraphanin anyway? It’s a natural molecule that helps repair our metabolism and slow the internal effects of aging.

Scientists have spent decades exploring the potential health benefits of glucoraphanin across a range of health conditions – including type-2 diabetes, heart health, brain health, and even a range of common cancers.
Our SuperSoup is packed full of glucoraphanin – in fact, it’s the most powerful glucoraphanin supplement on the market today. That’s why we’re so excited about our soup, and its potential to help people live fuller and healthier lives.

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