Your Metabolic Fitness Matters

Your metabolism builds muscle, burns energy and repairs damage. Optimise yours to train harder, perform better and protect your long-term health.

Your metabolism is a chemical process that’s constantly running inside every cell in your body.

It’s the process that burns food to provide your muscles with energy, and creates all the biological building blocks (like proteins and fats) that you need to live, grow and thrive.

How well our metabolism is functioning is known as our ‘metabolic fitness‘. Alongside traditional training and recovery plans, optimising metabolic fitness offers a new avenue for athletes looking to perform at their best.

Intense exercise places great demands on our metabolism, both to deliver energy whilst we’re working and afterwards as our body works to recover, rebuild and grow stronger.

Ensuring your metabolism is fully optimised is therefore fundamental to athletic performance. Optimising it unlocks improved muscle power and endurance as well as faster, less painful recovery periods. 

Maintaining a healthy metabolism also minimises levels of chronic internal inflammation and oxidative stress, helping to protect your long-term health from the stresses of pushing yourself to the limit.

Many professional athletes now train in  specific ‘metabolic zones’ to optimise their metabolism. For example, ‘Zone 2’ training builds endurance by improving your body’s ability to burn fats for energy.

Research shows that natural bioactive compounds found in broccoli (especially sulforaphane) activate the same same genes as Zone 2 training does, mimicking this process to give your metabolic fitness an extra boost. 

Our super-broccoli is ~5x richer in sulforaphane than a standard broccoli, which is what makes it so special! 

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Optimising your metabolism supports:


Tune up your turbo
for an extra boost

Improves the capacity of your muscles to clear lactate – allowing you to push harder during intense, focused efforts.

Unlock more power for
that extra edge

Improves your muscles’ ability to burn fat for energy – giving you a bigger engine to power long endurance efforts.

Beat soreness & fatigue to get back to your best

Limits lactate build-up & fights inflammation – reducing suffering from delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


Protect your long-term, whole-body health 

Fights inflammation & stimulates anti-oxidant production – reducing oxidative stress damage to organs and joints. 

Wang et al, 2020 – Sulforaphane pre-treatment enhanced exercise endurance by 13% and significantly reduced blood lactate levels.

Oh et al, 2017 – Sulforaphane pre-treatment increased running until exhaustion distances by 38%, prevented the build up of lactate in the blood, and helped to protect muscle tissue during intense exercise. 

Wang et al, 2022 – Sulforaphane pre-treatment increased running distances by 8%, whilst reducing markers of muscle damage.

Komine et al, 2021 – Sulforaphane pre-treatment significantly reduced post-exercise muscle soreness and suppressed decreases in the range of movement of joints.   

Sato et al, 2021 – Sulforaphane pre-treatment reduced markers in the blood of post-exercise muscle damage and inflammation. 

Meet GRextra

Our metabolic marvel

So we’ve spent decades creating a super-broccoli. But what makes it so special?

Broccoli naturally contains bioactive molecules (such as sulforaphanethat activate genes in our cells which which act to produce natural antioxidants, fight inflammation and help to repair our metabolism.

The problem is, broccoli only contains a small amount of these molecules, so eating enough to see an effect has always been tough… until now. 

Our unique super-broccoli GRextra can deliver ~5x as much sulforaphane as standard varieties – unlocking the power of broccoli like never before.

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Backed by decades

of high-quality research

Bodybuilders love broccoli – and for good reason.

There are a huge number of research studies linking sulforaphane to improved athletic performance – and we’re in the process of doing more research right now.

In the meantime, we’ve created a dossier which summarises the most important and exciting science on the benefits of sulforaphane for athletes – so you can see it all for yourself.

Train your metabolism

for that extra edge

BrocAffex is a uniquely powerful source of sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane activates key genes in our cells which help to optimise our metabolism and increase the number of mitochondria in our cells. 

Training your metabolism in this way allows you to produce more energy, and makes it easier to build muscle, burn fat, and recover after intense exercise. 

BrocAffex is a completely natural and sport-legal food supplement that’s designed to support your metabolic training. 

Plants are better than pills

So why go to the hassle of creating a super-broccoli, rather than just creating a supplement? 

Well, we believe that plants are better than pills – and for good reason. Functional foods like our super-broccoli don’t just contain one active ingredient, but several – alongside a range of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre that work together to bring additional health benefits.

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