The Science

Our products are based on more than 30 years of academic and clinical research, so you can trust our broccoli really is a health superstar.

Meet our super-broccoli

Created to repair your metabolism

Age comes to us all – and like an old car, an older metabolism is more likely to break down. 

In fact, poor metabolic health contributes to many health issues we face as we age – including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and dementia.

Our patented super-broccoli is a uniquely powerful and all-natural way to repair your metabolism, helping you stay younger on the inside. 

Created by scientists. Tested by doctors.

Designed for you.

Your metabolic health is linked to:

Blood Sugar

A healthy metabolism supports lower blood sugar levels by altering our sugar profile, reducing insulin resistance & aiding weight loss.

Weight Loss

A healthy metabolism supports weight loss by encouraging our body to burn more fat & to lay down less new fat, and by reducing our cravings for food.

Heart Health

A healthy metabolism supports our cholesterol balance & boosts heart health, which can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Joint Health

A healthy metabolism helps to reduce inflammation in our joints, which can help reduce pain & improve joint function in arthritis.

Cancer Risk

A healthy metabolism makes our body hostile to cancer cells, reducing the risk of common cancers like breast & prostate.

Brain Health

A healthy metabolism helps reduce inflammation in our brain, reducing the risk of conditions like Parkinson’s or Alzhimer’s. 


(our little secret...)

Sulforaphane activates powerful genes in our cells which repair and maintain our metabolism. 

This makes it an exciting new approach for a wide range of health conditions. But getting enough of it from our food was always a huge challenge… until now.

Our super-broccoli is a uniquely good source of sulforaphane, delivering up to 5x more than a normal broccoli – unlocking the power of this natural molecule like never before.

Backed by decades of scientific studies

World-leading partners

GRextra was developed and tested in collaboration with the Quadram Institute (a world-leading food health research centre), NHS hospitals and other key partners.

Independent research

More than 3,000 research studies have explored the health benefits of the active ingredients in our unique strain of super-broccoli – across a range of areas.

story of grextra

Tested & trusted

We’ve spent the time and money to develop something real, which can make a genuine positive impact on people’s health and lives – not just another ‘miracle cure’.

Developed by Scientists

We're no new kid on the block.

Our team of scientists have been working on our super-broccoli for almost 30 years now. 

They’re powered by the promise that their work could transform the lives of millions.

It’s already started – but we dream of a world where people can live better for longer, and no-one has to grow old before their time.

Prof. Richard Mithen

Lead Scientist & 
Professor of Human Nutrition

Steve Morrison

Medical Biochemist & 
Head of Regulatory Affairs

Why Broccoli?

So why go to the hassle of creating a super-broccoli, rather than just creating a supplement? 

Well, we believe that plants are better than pills – and for good reason. Our super-broccoli doesn’t just contain one active ingredient; it contains many different ones that work together to boost your health, as well as a range of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre that bring additional health benefits.

Designed for you

Introducing our SuperSoup

Made in minutes and with no added nasties, it’s a convenient and tasty way to reap the benefits that our super-broccoli can offer.

Each bowl is such a powerful source of sulforaphane that research studies show eating just one bowl a week can offer significant health benefits.

Start looking after your metabolic health and take your first step towards a healthier future. 

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