Reach Your Healthy Weight

A healthy metabolism supports weight loss in three key ways:

1. Creating less new fat

Drives your cells and your liver to store less of your food as fat, helping you lay down less new body fat.

2. Burning existing fat

Turns your passive ‘white fat’ into active ‘brown fat’, which burns up existing body fat for energy.

3. Regulating appetite

Helps your body respond better to the hormone leptin, which regulates our appetite and keeps us feeling full.

Losing weight is often reduced to  the concept of “calories in – calories out”. But this is an over-simplification of the challenge that many people face when trying to lose weight.

If you’re looking to lose weight, altering your diet and getting more exercise are important steps in the process. But how we put on and lose weight is hugely influenced by our metabolic health too, so we can support these changes by improving the way our body’s metabolism works.

First, a healthy metabolism encourages our body to burn up more of the energy in our food rather than storing it as body fat, reducing our body’s propensity to lay down more new fat. (1) 

On top of this, a healthy metabolism supports the ‘browning’ of existing body fat. While ‘white fat’ is simply a passive store of energy, so-called ‘brown fat’ actively burns fat to produce energy, helping us to shift any excess reserves of body fat we might already be carrying. (2)

Finally, a healthy metabolism can support and make lifestyle changes easier through improving the effectiveness of a hormone called leptin, which is responsible for regulating appetite. This can keep us feeling fuller for longer and reduce food cravings, making it easier to eat a healthier diet that supports our goal of reaching our target weight. (3) 

Backed by decades

of high-quality research

Don’t just take our word for it.

There are a huge number of research studies linking sulforaphane to healthier body weight. 

Rather than try to cover them all here, we’ve created a dossier which summarises the most important and exciting science on sulforaphane and weight loss – so you can see it all for yourself.

Offering a new approach

to weight loss

There’s another side to your weight loss story.

You’ve probably been told to make changes to your lifestyle. But while diet and exercise are critical, they’re not whole story.

Making big changes to your lifestyle is hard to do – and even more difficult to maintain long-term. If you’re finding your best efforts aren’t enough, your metabolism might be holding you back.

Repairing your metabolism gives you the best chance of reaching that healthy weight that you’re striving for.

Designed for you

It’s as simple as eating one bowl a week. 

Our SuperSoup was created with you in mind. It’s tasty, convenient, and designed to support your journey towards a healthier future.

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A green boost

(not a silver bullet)

There’s no snake oil to be found here.

Our super-broccoli is a real, science-backed boost to your battle against high blood sugar. But it’s not a miracle cure.

It’s designed to support your efforts to change your lifestyle as best you can. So it’s still important to follow your doctor’s advice and eat well, get some exercise and drink alcohol responsibly. 

Think of your weekly bowl of SuperSoup as a health ritual. It’s a simple but meaningful action that boosts both body and mind, helping you stay focused and motivated to keep trying your best.

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