Boost Your Heart Health

A healthy metabolism supports a healthier heart in three key ways:

1. Lower cholesterol

Helps to lower LDL (or ‘bad cholesterol’) in your blood, which can build up and block key arteries – leading to a heart attack or stroke. 

2. Lower blood pressure

Helps reduce high blood pressure, which puts strain on your arteries and heart – increasing your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

3. Less inflammation

Helps your body to soothe inflammation and produce anti-oxidants, improving the health of your heart and your major arteries.

Heart and circulatory diseases (together called cardiovascular disease) includes conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. Damaged heart health causes a quarter of all deaths in the UK – or a total of more than 160,000 deaths each year.

High cholesterol (1) is a major risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease, as it cholesterol levels lead to the build up of fatty deposits in our arteries. These can reduce blood supply to critical organs – when this happens to the heart itself, it’s called ischemic heart disease and is a major cause of heart attacks. Fatty deposits also narrow the arteries to your brain, putting you at a greater risk of stroke. 

High blood pressure (2) is another major risk factor for heart disease, as stiffens and narrows our arteries. This can increase the risk of developing an aneurism, of internal bleeding from damaged arteries, or of key arteries becoming blocked by a blood clot, leading to a heart attack or stroke. High blood pressure also forces our heart to work harder, putting it under greater strain. 

Chronic internal inflammation (3) also drives the narrowing of our arteries and weakens their walls, making it more likely that they will become blocked by blood clots – leading to a heart attack or stroke. Chronic inflammation also increases the risk of these blood clots forming in the first place, and reduces our body’s ability to repair and maintain our arteries to keep them in good health.

Unfortunately, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and chronic inflammation are all extremely common. It’s estimated that 40% of UK adults have high cholesterol and around 30% have high blood pressure, while all of us suffer from some level of internal inflammation and oxidative stress as an unavoidable part of our daily lives. This means that at least one in three of us is at a high risk of suffering a life-changing event like a heart attack or stroke, with older people generally at even greater risk.

Lifestyle is a major contributing factor to all three risk factors, which is why avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol intake, eating well, not being overweight and getting plenty of exercise are all so good for your heart. But our metabolic health also plays a role in our cholesterol and blood pressure – which is where our super-broccoli comes in.

Backed by decades

of high-quality research

Don’t just take our word for it.

There are a huge number of research studies linking sulforaphane to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improved heart health. 

Rather than try to cover them all here, we’ve created a dossier which summarises the most important and exciting science on sulforaphane and blood sugar – so you can see it all for yourself.

Backed by decades

of high-quality research

Don’t just take our word for it.

There are a huge number of research studies linking sulforaphane to lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar and improved heart health. Rather than try to cover them all here, we’ve just summarised two of the most exciting:

Armah et al, 2015
in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

In this study of 130 people, researchers tested the effect of regularly eating a high-glucoraphanin variant of broccoli on blood cholesterol (LDL-C) levels, compared with eating a standard variant of broccoli.

They found that eating the ‘super-broccoli’ regular for 12 weeks significantly reduced cholesterol levels, with the effect being around 2-3 times greater than in those eating a standard variant of broccoli.

The researchers concluded that regularly eating a high-glucoraphanin variant of broccoli can significantly reduce the level of ‘bad’ cholesterol in your blood.

-> Read the full paper

Joshipuraet al, 1999 in JAMA Cardiology 

In a long-term observational study, researchers looked at whether different levels of fruit and vegetable intake affected the likelihood of people developing heart disease. They followed 110,000 people over 8 years.

They found that the greatest protection against heart disease was conferred by eating a lot of glucoraphanin-rich vegetables like broccoli. The groups who ate the most of these vegetables showed a 32% lower risk of developing serious heart disease than those who ate very little.

-> Read the full paper (Joshipura et al, 1999) 

Offering a new approach

to heart health

There’s another side to your heart health story.

If you’re suffering from high cholesterol or high blood pressure, you’ve probably been told to make changes to your lifestyle. But while diet and exercise are critical, they’re not whole story. 

Making big changes to your lifestyle is hard to do, and even harder to maintain long-term. If you’re finding even your best efforts aren’t enough, your metabolism might be holding you back.

Repairing your metabolism gives you the best chance of getting your blood pressure and cholesterol back under control.

A green boost

(not a silver bullet)

There’s no snake oil to be found here.

Our super-broccoli is a real, science-backed boost to your battle against high blood sugar. But it’s not a miracle cure.

It’s designed to support your efforts to change your lifestyle as best you can. So it’s still important to follow your doctor’s advice and eat well, get some exercise and drink alcohol responsibly. 

Think of your weekly bowl of SuperSoup as a health ritual. It’s a simple but meaningful action that boosts both body and mind, helping you stay focused and motivated to keep trying your best.

Designed for you

It’s as simple as eating one bowl a week. 

Our SuperSoup was created with you in mind. It’s tasty, convenient, and designed to support your journey towards a healthier future.

Order your first bowl today, and discover what our SuperSoup could do for you. 

Available from just £5 a week.

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