How does this soup work?

Our soup is made from a proprietary broccoli that has been traditionally bred, to contain a high level of a naturally occurring compound called Glucoraphanin.  We believe the glucoraphanin in broccoli can help to re-tune our metabolism, through activating our body’s natural defences to help ensure our metabolic machinery functions well.  It’s a bit like taking your car for a service and getting it re-tuned.

Each cell in our body contains the central metabolic machinery to convert carbohydrates and fats in our food to energy and other useful compounds needed to function healthily. As we age or when our cells become stressed, our metabolic machinery starts to work less well and begins to make what are known as reactive oxygen species (ROS). While a healthy cell needs a small amount of ROS, too much can be damaging. By having regular doses of glucoraphanin, we believe we can keep our ROS within safe limits, which helps our metabolism to function normally. One consequence of keeping ROS in balance is that we can burn up fat effectively, rather than storing it in our bodies.

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