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SmarterNaturally soup crowned Healthy Aging Ingredient of the Year at NutraIngredients Awards 2023

“An exciting ingredient with well evidenced efficacy in a format that can be easily incorporated into ‘real’ foods to help the consumers overcome ‘tablet fatigue’; an essential element of effective supplementation, especially in an aging population.”

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Guardian story: Broccoli super soup may help keep type 2 diabetes at bay

“…the star ingredient of its packet vegetable soup: a special type of broccoli first discovered growing wild in Sicily by the company’s lead scientist, Prof Richard Mithen.”

“…the bright green soup has a mild vegetable taste, like a mixture of broccoli and cauliflower. It may not be the culinary highlight of the week for most, but would not be hard to include in people’s diets.”

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telegraph headline: The super soup that's the equivalent of eating 1kg of broccoli

"The broccoli has been biofortified, or bred to be nutrient- dense, rather than genetically modified."

“Maybe you can’t get people to eat five helpings of fruit and vegetables a day,” but by improving the quality of those we eat via fortified foods, “you’re more likely to be healthy in old age and so reduce costs for the healthcare system, and also have a better quality of life.”

“Sipping any green soup is guaranteed to make you feel virtuous, but perhaps not quite as worthy as I feel drinking the once in front of me, which comes with an impressive stamp of approval for it’s health-boosting properties…”

“…It’s thicker and more flavourful than your average packet soup, and yet consumed once weekly has been shown to lower and maintain blood sugar levels to cut the risk of type-2 diabetes.”

Spin-out’s new soup may help to reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

“SmarterNaturally vegetable soup, uses a unique variety of broccoli that has a high level of a naturally occurring compound – Glucoraphanin – that research suggests can have a beneficial impact on a range of health indicators, including helping to maintain healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels.”

Quadram Institute spin-out company... raises capital to help reduce risk of diabetes

“As a founding investor, UKI2S is delighted to see the company well positioned to translate the extensive research carried out by Professor Mithen into a product which will benefit consumers around the world.” – Dr Andrew Muir

Smarter soups to help reduce risk of diabetes

“The company was founded on clinical data that suggests that a single weekly portion
of such a soup reduces elevated blood glucose, a significant risk factor for the
development of Type 2 Diabetes.”

“The company is now carrying out further trials with a view to obtaining European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) approval for a health claim.”

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