Super-broccoli powder

Winner NUTRAIngredients Awards 2023: Healthy Ageing
Winner NUTRAIngredients Awards 2023: Healthy Ageing



Super-broccoli powder

Optimise your performance, endurance and recovery with our raw GRextra powder – made from our super-broccoli to give you an edge. 

Add to your favourite smoothie or shake during training and both before and after race day to train your metabolic fitness and support recovery.




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Why subscribe?

Our super-broccoli works best when you eat it regularly to support training, race prep and recovery. A subscription helps your body stay optimised – with an extra discount!

Nutritional Information

99.5% GRextraᵀᴹ super-broccoli powder
(+ 0.5% mustard powder to maximise bioactivity)

Recommended serving: 
10g 3-4x per week during normal training 
10g daily for 7 days before and after races

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. Gluten free.
Allergens: mustard. May contain: egg, milk, celery and soy.

Simple. Clean. Powerful.

Unlock the power of our super-broccoli to go further, train harder and recover faster. Simply add a scoop to a shake or smoothie to boost your metabolic fitness and unlock your body’s true natural potential. 

Train your body
from the inside out

Your metabolism builds muscle, provides you energy and repairs damage. Optimising your metabolic fitness means being able to train harder, perform better and recover faster – all while protecting your long-term health.

Strength & Performance

Greater metabolic fitness improves the capacity of your muscles to clear lactate – allowing you to push harder during intense, focused efforts.

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Greater metabolic fitness improves your muscles’ ability to burn fat for energy – giving you a bigger engine to power long endurance efforts.

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Greater metabolic fitness limits lactate build-up & fights inflammation – reducing suffering from delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

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Greater metabolic fitness limits inflammation & stimulates anti-oxidant production – reducing oxidative stress damage to organs and joints. 

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'Super' for a reason

Sulforaphane is a hugely exciting natural molecule that works to repair & maintain our metabolism. 

It has been shown in clinical trials to support muscle power, endurance and recovery – and to minimize the risk of injury and long-term damage in athletes.

Our super-broccoli is a uniquely powerful source of sulforaphane, making it the best choice for athletes looking to train and optimise their metabolic fitness. 

Enjoy it your way

Simply mix with a shake

Add a scoop to your protein shake for the simplest way to get your super-broccoli boost.

Blend into a smoothie 

Add a scoop to your one of our smoothie recipes to give them an extra super-broccoli kick.

Turn it into a meal 

Add a scoop to our overnight oats, sauce and stew recipes to enjoy as part of a meal. 

Loved by our 'SouperFans'

Simple but effective
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It mixes in really well with my protein powder - I don't really notice the taste when I'm drinking it, but I've noticed the difference in how I feel, particularly in my knees! Excited to see more clinical trial results.
Makes a difference
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I mix this powder into a smoothie or overnight oats a couple of times a week - it gives it this vibrant green colour that I love, and it's definitely made a difference to how I feel in the mornings!
A bit of a bargain
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I was recommended this powder by a friend - at first I thought it seemed expensive, but compared with supplements or eating a big pile of raw broccoli every day, it's actually a bit of a bargain really.
Tastes great in stews
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I'm not a big shake or smoothie drinker, so I tend to mix a scoop of this powder into a stew or sauce instead. That way it adds a great fresh broccoli flavour and I still get my super-broccoli boost!

Made from GRextra

Our patented super-broccoli

Our BrocAffex Powder is pure and simple: just our patented super-broccoli (plus a little mustard powder to maximise bioactivity).

We’ve spent decades creating this super-broccoli to deliver ~5x more sulforaphane than standard varieties. Sulforaphane is a natural molecule which activates genes in our cells that act to produce natural antioxidants, fight inflammation and help to repair our metabolism.

Our unique super-broccoli is unlocking the power of broccoli like never before, to help you gain that extra edge.

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Why subscribe?

Our subscribers mean the world to us, so we offer an exclusive subscribers-only discount on every order. Subscribe with us to ensure you're getting the best possible value for money.

Smarter Naturally Good For More Than Just Diabetes

Cancel Anytime

We're not one of those companies. We'll warn you when your subscription is about to renew, and you can amend it up until the day it ships - no questions asked.

BrocAffex works best when you eat it regularly, so forget forgetting to order more. We'll make sure your next delivery arrives before you run out (that's The SmarterNaturally Promise).

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