Your Story Matters

Your experience with our SuperSoup is unique and inspiring. Sharing it with others in our community could help them take the first steps on their own journey towards a healthier future.

How to share your story

The easiest way to share your story with us is to record a 1-3 minute video discussing your SuperSoup experience. 

As a thank you for your time, we’ll send you £20 credit for SmarterNaturally Soup. That’s a month of wholesome goodness, on us!

You can submit your video to us:

Need some inspiration?

We’re looking to hear what you think of us – so feel free to speak openly and honestly.

You might want to mention:

  • What drew you to our SuperSoup?
  • Have you faced any specific health challenges?
  • Has our SuperSoup impacted on your health and/or your quality of life?
  • Do you find our SuperSoup tasty / convenient?
  • Will you continue with your weekly Souper ritual?

Need an example?

Watch Lyndsey’s heartfelt 2-minute testimonial 👉
to get an idea of how to film your own video 

Top tips for filming your video

We can’t wait to hear your story! Here are some top tips to help you film a masterpiece:

  1. Choose a Comfortable Setting: Choose a quiet and well-lit environment, with a nice background if you can! Film in portrait, and consider propping your phone up on something to keep it steady.

  2. Keep it Natural: Speak in your own words and be your fabulous self. Authenticity is key! It’s okay if you make mistakes or need to rephrase your thoughts – just send us the video as it is.

  3. Use Personal Stories: Please feel free to share personal anecdotes or stories related to your experiences. We’re interested in your real experience, and stories help bring it to life.

  4. Go slow, take as long as you need: Your video might only be a minute or two, or it could be much longer. Try and speak slowly and clearly. If you find you’ve got lots to say, just keep going for as long as you need!

What happens next?

Your feedback is invaluable, so we’ll watch each video to learn how we can improve.

We might also edit your video so we can share your story with customers. We’ll make sure you’re happy with our edits before we share them.

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