Aran is a science communicator with experience in academic science, business and marketing & communications (for both companies and not-for-profits).

Aran started life as an academic scientist, studying and doing research – mainly in the areas of pathology, immunology and stem cell biology.

After discovering he preferred telling the ‘stories’ of science rather than actually doing it himself, he moved into science communication. Through roles at major organisations such as Wellcome, The Francis Crick Institute, The Science Museum and Moorfields Eye Charity, he’s developed a range of skills and expertise across a wide variety of sectors and different areas of science communication. He’s now also a lecturer on the Imperial College London Science Communication MSc, where he uses this experience to teach a practical module to newcomers to the world of science communication.

Aran has also recently completed an MBA, which bolstered his knowledge and understanding of the business world and sparked his interest in entrepreneurship and led him to seek to apply his talents to helping small, science-based companies grow and prosper.

Alma Mater: Cambridge University, Imperial College London, Quantic University

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