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"Feeling Young!"

David had been on the borderline of being diabetic for years, but eventually his blood sugars crept up high enough for his GP to suggest he should go on medication. He’d already started on SmarterNaturally SuperSoup by this point, so he held off starting any new tablets to give the soup a chance and see if it could help him control his blood sugar.

After 6 months, it was looking like our SuperSoup wasn’t working for him, but he persevered – and now, after 12 months on the soup, his latest HbA1c test result shows his blood sugar levels are starting to come down!

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Creeping Up

“I’ve been on the borderline of being diabetic for a number of years, and my HbA1c test results kept increasing – from 44, to 45, to 53 mmol/mol – indicating my blood sugar levels were creeping up.

I try to live a sensible life and keep everything in moderation – but I did feel it was important to find a way of getting my blood sugar levels back down to a level my doctor was happy with.”

Living Life Without Side-Effects

“I’m generally very healthy and try to stay active – but I do also enjoy eating strawberries with ice cream, having a gin & tonic or a glass of wine in the evenings, and tucking into a mince pie or two around Christmas. Life is too short to cut out all the enjoyable things and live like a monk!

I started to get some pressure from my GP to go on medication to bring my blood sugar down, but I don’t like taking medication if I can avoid it. Sometimes the side effects are almost worse than the condition they’re trying to treat!”


Six Months of SuperSoup

“I was looking for an alternative to taking medication when I saw an article about SmarterNaturally’s SuperSoup in The Sunday Times, and I thought I would give it a try. I started eating a bowl of this soup a week, and after around five months my GP called me in for a checkup on my diabetic health.

The blood tests showed that the rise in my blood sugar levels had slowed, but they were still going up – my HbA1c reading was now at 55 mmol/mol. The diabetic nurse tried to insist I start on medication to lower it, but I resisted. There were already signs that this soup was beginning to have a positive effect, and I wanted to give it a real chance as I knew it would take at least six months for any real benefits to show.”

Seeing the Benefits

“I carried on eating my weekly bowl of soup for another few months, and then recently had another blood test to see how things were going. Even though I’m still not strictly ‘behaving’ with my diet, this test showed my HbA1c has fallen from 55 to 52 mmol/mol.

The diabetic nurse was really pleased: she said I didn’t need to go on any medication, and her parting advice for me was “whatever you’re doing, carry on doing it!”

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Sticking with SmarterNaturally

“This soup obviously has great health benefits, and it’s great that it’s started making a difference for me. I’ve also noticed that my PSA and my blood pressure have both gone down slightly over the past year, which is nice to see. I thoroughly recommend anyone with diabetic concerns to give it a try and see if it works for you too.

I tend to eat it on Sundays, with a good glug of Worcestershire Sauce, and I will certainly continue eating it once a week now I’ve seen a positive change. I must say, I definitely don’t feel 79, and when I’m out playing the piano people always comment that I don’t look 79 – and my wife says I don’t behave like I’m 79 either! I’m fortunate in that way – long may it continue!”

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