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Gilbert was feeling healthy when a routine health check revealed his blood sugar levels were creeping up. Despite already eating well and getting plenty of exercise, he knew he needed to find a way of getting them under control.

Then he started eating a bowl of SmarterNaturally SuperSoup once a week. After just 6 months, his blood sugar levels are now falling instead of rising, and he’s almost back in the normal range!

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Becoming Prediabetic

“I discovered I was prediabetic about a year ago as a result of my annual blood check. My (excellent!) doctor offered to refer me to the Practice’s Diabetic Clinic, but I declined since I was sure that I could get information from online sources and didn’t want to add to the NHS’s workload.

I didn’t have any symptoms of diabetes at the time, and so I wasn’t aware that my blood sugar levels had been creeping up. Once I discovered I was prediabetic, I was determined to do something about it. My first step was to start changing my diet and getting more exercise.”

Taking a Punt

“I used to be regularly active when we lived on a farm, but I realised that since I moved into a bungalow I was doing much less exercise. So I started to do regular walks and some exercise in the park, which has made a big difference to the way I feel! 

Then I saw the article in the Times about SmarterNaturally’s SuperSoup, and I thought ‘why not? I’ll give it a go!’ I figured that in the worst case scenario it would still be a healthy meal, and I thought it might actually do me some real good!”

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Moving in the Right Direction

“I’ve been having a bowl of ‘super-soup’ once a week since then, alongside my daily exercise regime. It’s now 6 months on from my diagnosis as prediabetic, and I’m happy to say that I’ve seen my HbA1c drop from 44 mmol/mol down to 42 mmol/mol – so I’m right on the cusp of being back in the normal, healthy range! 

I can’t specifically attribute the drop in my blood sugars to this soup alone, since I do control my diet and get more exercise now. But I do think it’s helped – and it makes perfect sense for me to eat it as well as doing the right things in terms of my wider diet and getting more exercise. Together, this approach has helped keep me off the diabetes medication so far!”

Feeling Positive

“I’m feeling very positive about the change I’ve seen since starting this soup. High blood sugar is something that should not be ignored, since it can have a major long-term impact on your health. It’s better to engage with it and do all you can to bring it down while you can so you can keep on living your life in good health! 

I definitely think it’s doing me some good – In fact, I can’t believe it’s not doing me any good! I’m fortunate that I can afford £5 a week without worrying about it, but for those that can I’d absolutely recommend it. After all, good health is priceless!”

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Sticking with SmarterNaturally

“I’m planning to carry on with both this soup and my other activities, in the hope that I will see another drop in my blood sugar in 3 more months. That would take me under the prediabetic threshold and back into the normal range, if I keep the same pace of progress as I’ve been seeing so far!

This soup isn’t a ‘silver bullet’ by any means, but I think it’s worth a try for anyone who’s serious about improving their diabetic health – it might just help you stay healthier for longer!”

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