Meet John...

"No Longer Diabetic!"

John* was diagnosed with diabetes last year. His diagnosis came despite staying in good shape and following a strict diet designed to keep his blood sugars in check! 

But since he’s been eating SmarterNaturally SuperSoup, he’s seen a big fall in his blood sugar levels, he’s no longer diabetic, and he’s feeling healthier than ever!

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Regret is more painful than failure. (1)

From Prediabetes to Diabetes

“I became prediabetic about 12 years ago. I wanted to stay healthy as I got older, so I changed my lifestyle and started taking my own fasting blood glucose readings twice a week using a home testing machine to keep a close eye on my diabetic health. For years I successfully managed my prediabetes by eating a careful diet, often cooking special low-carb recipes and sticking to the old Royal Marines maxim – no carbohydrates after midday!

It worked for over a decade, but a couple of years ago my blood sugar readings started creeping up. Despite my efforts, my blood sugar readings kept rising, and I was officially diagnosed with diabetes in September 2021.”

Searching for
a Solution

“Being diagnosed with diabetes was a blow. I already had age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and so was quite concerned about developing any other eye conditions (like diabetic retinopathy) which could further affect my eyesight.

My doctor’s surgery told me that I couldn’t be prescribed the usual treatment for diabetes (metformin) as I was only just diabetic – and so taking the drug might actually make my blood sugar too low. I’m also not overweight, so losing weight wasn’t the answer either. I wasn’t sure what to do next to bring my blood sugar levels down to be honest!”


Seeing a Change

“Then my wife read about SmarterNaturally’s SuperSoup in The Times. It seemed like a good idea, and so we decided we’d give it a go. Quite soon after we started on the soup, I noticed quite a big improvement in my blood sugar readings. I was very surprised actually, to tell you the truth!

Before I started eating this soup, my fasting blood sugar reading was often in the diabetic range, around 7-8 mmol/l. But since I started eating a bowl of ‘super-soup’ once a week, my fasting blood sugar is down around 6 mmol/l – which is below the diabetic range!”

A New Hope

“I’ve seen a real improvement in my diabetic health recently, and I think it’s all because of this soup. I really do think it’s working for me: in fact, my latest HbA1c test came out at 47 mmol/mol – meaning I’m no longer diabetic!

I’ve felt the effects too – I’ve lost a little bit of weight, and I definitely don’t feel as tired in the mornings as I used to. I used to feel like I needed a snooze mid-afternoon, but that doesn’t happen so much anymore. I’ve got an extra spring in my step – my wife says I have more energy than she does now!”

Regret is more painful than failure. (2)
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Sticking with SmarterNaturally

“I eat SmarterNaturally’s ‘super-soup’ for lunch every Saturday now and have been doing so for almost 6 months. It’s become quite a nice routine: I like broccoli so I enjoy the taste of the soup.

’ll definitely keep going with it – at around £5.50 a week I don’t think it’s expensive at all, and it feels like good value for the benefits it’s brought me. It’s a lot cheaper than most of the supplements and probiotics out there, that’s for sure – one we were recommended costs over £20 a week!

I’ve also recommended this soup to lots of my friends. Most of them haven’t started eating it yet – I think they don’t believe a soup will work for them. But it’s worked for me, so I think more people should try it and see – it might work for them too!”

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John has found a healthier future with us. Could you?

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