Meet Paul...

"Finally Making Some Progress!"

Paul had been struggling to get his diabetes under control for years. Despite staying thin, rowing twice a week and trying a range of different diabetic drugs, nothing had really worked for him.

But after adding SmarterNaturally SuperSoup to his diet for a few months, Paul’s blood sugars have fallen and his diabetes is now finally considered ‘well controlled’!

Paul rowing

A Diabetic Diagnosis

“I was diagnosed as diabetic through a routine health checkup. My father had diabetes, so I always expected I would become diabetic at some point myself too.

The usual advice about changing your lifestyle didn’t do it for me. I wasn’t overweight, and I was already getting lots of exercise (rowing twice a week on the Thames, and walking the dog twice a day) – though I wasn’t following any special diet and I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth!”

Giving It a Go

“So my doctor told me I needed to go onto medication to control my blood sugar levels. I tried various different options over the years, but I struggled to find one that worked for me: some gave me awful side effects, such as stomach aches and other reactions; others caused me to lose a huge amount of weight and left me as just skin and bone; and some just didn’t do a great job of helping me control my blood sugar levels!

Then I heard about SmarterNaturally’s SuperSoup through a friend. I was still struggling with managing my diabetes, so I thought I’d give it a go. When I suggested trying it my diabetic nurse laughed – but said why not, as it couldn’t do me any harm so I might as well try it!”

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Surprisingly Effective

“At my next test (3 months later) we were both expecting my blood sugar level to have gone up – but actually it had dropped quite significantly! She was as surprised as I was, and asked whether I’d made any changes to my lifestyle – the only change I’d made was adding a weekly bowl of SmarterNaturally’s ‘super-soup’ into my diet.

Thanks to a combination of the medication I’m on and this soup, my HbA1c is now down at 51 mmol/mol – a 3-point drop from where it was a few months ago. That means my diabetes is now considered ‘well-controlled’, which is a huge achievement after struggling with it for so many years.”

Saved by a SuperSoup

“I’ve never found anything else that has reduced my blood sugar other than drugs, so it’s nice to find a natural solution that’s made a real difference and works in conjunction with everything else I’m doing.

If I can maintain my blood sugars at this level through a combination of medications and this soup, that would be tremendous!”

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Sticking with SmarterNaturally

“Given the benefits I’ve seen to my diabetic health, I’ll definitely keep going with my weekly bowls of this soup. It’s become a nice part of my routine: I have it for lunch on Saturday mornings when I get in from rowing, which is perfect as it’s nice and filling, and tastes good with a good dose of salt and black pepper added in! 

For those out there that are looking to get their blood sugar level under control, I’d definitely recommend giving it a go and seeing if it works for you too!”

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