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Robert has had type 2 diabetes several times in his life, and now he knows the pattern – whenever his weight creeps up, it’s never long before his high blood sugar levels return.

He’s always managed to avoid medication by getting his blood sugar back under control through putting a massive effort into eating carefully and losing weight – which usually takes around 4-5 months.

But this time as Robert’s weight crept up once again he received the news he had been dreading – his blood sugars were back in the diabetic range. But thanks to a combination of his usual tactics plus a weekly bowl of SmarterNaturally SuperSoup, he lost weight and got his blood sugars back into the healthy range after just 2 months – twice as fast as he’s ever managed it before!

Recalling the day he was diagnosed, Robert said: “There I was again, getting told off by the nurse, as you do…”

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A Serendipitous Soup

“Leaving the doctor’s surgery with the news I was diabetic again, I was under no illusion of what lay ahead for me. I’ve had a couple of episodes of very high blood sugar in the past, and I’ve always managed to get them back down to normal levels without medication – but it usually takes 4-5 months of really huge effort.

I knew I had months of cutting out virtually all carbs, including bread, pasta and rice to look forward to – and I would have to give up drinking any alcohol. By pure coincidence though, I had also just come across a feature in The Guardian newspaper about SmarterNaturally SuperSoup, so I decided to add it to my diet plan. I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a go and it might, potentially, speed the process along a bit. So I ordered a pack and started it straight away.”

A Staggering Result

“After just two months I went back for a checkup, and my HbA1c had dropped from 52 to 41 mmol/mol – taking my blood sugar levels out of the diabetic range and all the way back down to a normal healthy level.

It was such a massive drop that they surprised me by saying they didn’t need to see me again! The nurse seemed pleased with me and for once I actually got a smile, instead of the usual telling off.

It’s my understanding that HbA1c scores normally move quite slowly over 3-6 months, so my blood sugars must have fallen really significantly to see such a change – and this tells me something was a bit different this time.

Obviously, I had made big changes to my diet and lost a lot of weight, so it is always difficult to say what contribution this special soup made. But the weight definitely came off faster this time than it ever has before, and it all just felt a little easier, which I wasn’t expecting – particularly given I’m that little bit older than I was.”

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Perfect for Diabetic Diets

“I found that the soup fit perfectly with my new healthier, diabetic-friendly diet. One of the big things I love about it is that it’s low carb but incredibly filling – so I quite often have it on a Saturday when I might be tempted to have a few treats throughout the afternoon. I find the soup fills me up for the whole day and makes me much less likely to snack, which really helps with both losing weight and managing your blood sugar. It is incredible stuff really.

The high protein, high fat, low carb diet, which I have personally found really helps get my diabetes into remission, is actually quite terrible for my digestion and has left me feeling really bloated and constipated at times. I found that the soup actually really helped with this, as it gives you a massive shot of fibre in one go!

I know there are other fibre products available, but lots of them really aren’t that nice – whereas I really enjoy the soup. Just add some black pepper and leave it to stand and settle for a few minutes, and it’s really quite nice to eat for lunch.”

Feeling 10 Years Younger

“I feel a whole lot better since my blood sugars have returned to normal. I feel much more energetic, younger – it feels like going back 10 years. We have a family history of high blood pressure and it’s interesting that this has also come down nicely, since apparently the soup can also help with reducing high blood pressure!

I know how harmful diabetes can be and how important it is to keep your blood sugar under control, so I guess I have been very lucky that I haven’t personally suffered any serious damage from having high blood sugar. But just feeling better is enough of a motivator to keep going!

It also serves as a useful reminder – each time I make a bowl, I take a moment to reflect back on how I got to where you are and celebrate the fact that I’m actually doing something every week that brings me closer to a healthier future. It’s a ritual that really helps me stay positive and focused.”

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A Helpful Boost

“I have a friend who works at a doctor’s surgery who does social prescribing, and they were very interested in what I was saying about this soup.

I think there has been a big change in the NHS over the last decade. Five or six years ago when my blood sugars were high, the discussion was ‘we’ll have to start you on Metformin and that’s all there is to it’. Since then I think there has been quite a change. Care providers are now talking a lot more about prevention, about changing your lifestyle and trying to avoid medication if you can. I think that’s great, as this is what delivered results for me – and medication often comes with side effects!

But anyone who has tried the NHS recommended diet will know it is pretty hard going and difficult to do to the letter. That’s why I feel the extra boost this soup offered me is very welcome – it made losing weight and getting my blood sugars under control faster and easier than it’s ever been before.”

Sticking with SmarterNaturally​

“It was the scientific research behind SmarterNaturally which really caught my attention. I also like the idea that it is like a supplement, but more naturally delivered as a healthy, tasty and filling food. It’s also better value than most supplements – if I was ordering broccoli supplement tablets, it would easily cost me more than £5 a week!

I’d absolutely recommend this soup to anyone looking to get on top of their blood sugars. I plan to keep going with it until my next HbA1c test in February of 2024. I may pause my subscription at that point, as it is a little bit expensive for me, and try to keep my weight and blood sugars stable this time around just through eating carefully. However, it is great knowing that I can always start it again, anytime, if my blood sugars or my weight start to creep up again.”

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