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Our metabolism slows down as we age, which contributes to a wide range of age-related health conditions – such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even neurodegenerative diseases like Alzhimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Research suggests that glucoraphanin (a natural molecule found in broccoli) can help keep our metabolism working well as we age, which should help reduce the risk of developing a wide range of diseases and health conditions often associated with aging.

A Soup A Week To Stay At Your Peak

What makes SmarterNaturally Soup so special? It’s rich in glucoraphanin – a powerful molecule that’s been extensively researched for its effects on:

The easiest way to care for your metabolism

Glucoraphanin can boost our health in all sorts of ways, but adding enough of it to our diet to see an impact was difficult – until now.

Made using our unique GRextra broccoli, each bowl of SmarterNaturally ‘Super-Soup’ contains as much glucoraphanin as eating 1kg of raw broccoli, or taking 14 tablets of leading glucoraphanin supplements

In fact, our soup is so rich in this health-boosting molecule that research indicates you only need to eat one bowl of it a week – meaning it’s a simple, convenient and affordable lifestyle change for anyone to make. 

Winner NUTRAIngredients Awards 2023: Healthy Ageing

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Prof. Richard Mithen

Professor of Human Nutrition & Lead Scientist, SmarterNaturally

“SmarterNaturally Soup aims to help keep our metabolism young. Research suggests that eating one bowl a week could deliver enough glucoraphanin and other healthy nutrients to help people maintain a healthy metabolism, which is associated with a reduced risk of developing age-related health conditions like type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

It’s a low-impact, affordable intervention that’s easy to stick to. Why not give it a try?”

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Meet John

Diabetic No More!

John was diabetic – but as soon as he started eating a weekly bowl of SmarterNaturally soup, he saw his fasting blood glucose stabilise and drop significantly. Now he’s no longer diabetic, and has an extra spring in his step!

"Quite soon after we started on the soup, I noticed quite a big improvement in my blood sugar readings and I think it’s all because of this soup.

I’ve felt the effects too – I’ve lost a little bit of weight, and I definitely don’t feel as tired in the mornings as I used to. I’ve got an extra spring in my step, and my wife says I have more energy than she does now!”

Simple. Powerful. Natural.

Many of our customers have found a healthier future with us.
Could you?

Start your trial and discover what SmarterNaturally soup could do for you - from just £5 a week.

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