Case Studies

Stories from our happy customers

John was diabetic – but as soon as he started eating a weekly bowl of SmarterNaturally soup, he saw his fasting blood glucose stabilise and drop significantly.

Now he’s no longer diabetic, and has an extra spring in his step!

Anthony had prediabetes, but now his blood sugar levels are back within the normal, healthy range!

He credits SmarterNaturally Soup with helping to bring his HbA1c back down to normal levels – both improving his physical health and putting his mind at ease.

Caroline developed prediabetes, and her blood sugars were rising higher and higher.

But after just 6 months of SmarterNaturally Soup, her blood sugar levels have fallen and she’s no longer prediabetic, completely reversing the previous trend!

Gilbert’s blood sugar levels were creeping up. He knew he needed to find a way of getting them under control.

Alongside dieting and exercise, he started eating a bowl of SmarterNaturally Soup once a week. After just 6 months, his blood sugar levels are now falling instead of rising, and he’s almost back in the normal range!

Paul (72) had been struggling to get his diabetes under control for years. Despite staying thin, active, and trying a range of different diabetic drugs, nothing had really worked for him.

But after adding SmarterNaturally Soup to his diet for a few months, Paul’s blood sugars have fallen and his diabetes is now finally considered ‘well controlled’!

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